Elisir, a sip of Wellness

Launched in 2015, the startup Elisir exploits all nutraceutical ingredients for its output. Conscious of the health damage the modern lifestyle may cause, we place a wholesome nutrition and  a person’s welfare in the centre of our business philosophy.  Elisir is inspired by what Hippocrates had written 2400 ago – «Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food».

Food supplements

Nutraceuticals are the part of the broader concept of a “food as a remedy” or better it is the food that besides supplying energetic values and being highly digestible and hypoallergenic includes also 100% natural bioactive ingredients with healing properties.

100% Natural

The Elisir Srl organic food products are made in Italy with carefully selected raw materials. It does not contain preservatives, dyes or GMO – Genetically Modified Organisms.

Certified by the Italian Healthcare Ministry

The positive impact on man’s wellbeing of our nutraceutical components is certified by the board of dietitians and nutritionists at the Italian Healthcare Ministry – CUDN.